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We live in a century-old bungalow that we have slowly renovated over the past six years to make it our own. We’re already planning the next generation of our open living room/dining room space, so I think it’s safe to say that our renovations will probably never be complete, and that’s a good thing. Lately, we seem to be focused on… Read more →

Little Artist’s Gallery Wall

In my post about Levi’s Toddler Room I mentioned that we were planning a little artist’s gallery wall to showcase our son’s artwork. Well, we finally have it up. We decided to place it on the only wall in his room that was completely blank at a height just high enough that he can’t pull everything down right now. Thanks, Honeybee Vintage, for… Read more →

Alexia Grace’s Nursery

Now that the nursery is finished and I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable at 36-weeks pregnant, I’m excited and more than ready to meet our sweet, little Alexia Grace. Celebrating the birth of four friends’ babies in the past few weeks may also be contributing to my eager anticipation. Before we could even start on the nursery we had to downsize our office and… Read more →

Levi’s Toddler Room

With my due date rapidly approaching, we’ve been busy preparing our home for little Alexia Grace. This week we moved the crib into Lexi’s room, so I was able to set up Levi’s room as a toddler room. We all greatly enjoyed Levi’s “helping” move the crib and reassemble it in his baby sister’s room. We’re hoping that involving him in… Read more →

A Modern-Traditional Bedroom Office

To make room for our baby girl arriving in March, we’re rearranging half our house to clear out what has been our office. We significantly downsized our office and are finding new locations around the house for our books and the plethora of household items that filled the office closet. That, of course, means we’re also rearranging and reorganizing several other rooms… Read more →