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We live in a century-old bungalow that we have slowly renovated over the past six years to make it our own. We’re already planning the next generation of our open living room/dining room space, so I think it’s safe to say that our renovations will probably never be complete, and that’s a good thing. Lately, we seem to be focused on… Read more →

Lovingly Handcrafted Baby Blankets | Part II

I wanted to share with you a few additional handcrafted items that Lexi received after my blog post, “Lovingly Handcrafted Baby Blankets,” was published. We are so thankful for these mementos! Hand-knit pink-and-grey striped baby blanket made by her Great Aunt Ann, delivered by Great Uncle Mark on one of his business trips to Houston, and from my cousins Hans and Frances Embroidered minky… Read more →

Lovingly Handcrafted Baby Blankets

Just like her mother and grandmother did before her, my mom quilts. Over the years she has lovingly crafted quilts to welcome new babies. She made baby blankets for me and my sisters and now has made gorgeous quilts for both my children. She’s currently planning one for my sister, Kayla, and her husband’s, Dylan, firstborn, due in September. My mom—known to my kids… Read more →