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Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.09.26 PMFor the birth of our son and now the upcoming arrival of our daughter in March, my husband lovingly assembled playlists for me to listen to in the hospital. During labor I found comfort in listening to Levi’s playlist on repeat on my iPhone. Quite poetically, Levi literally entered the world to the last song on his playlist, “I Get To Be The One,” by J.J. Heller. The lyrics are on the right.

As a newborn, Levi was calmed by his playlist. We also listened to his playlist frequently in the weeks leading up to his birth, so I’d like to think Levi recognized the music. Currently, one of Levi’s favorite activities is listening to music and dancing, and he perks up when he hears the first song on his playlist, “Home,” by Phillip Phillips. Just this past October my husband and I had the privilege of hearing Phillip Phillips sing the national anthem at game two of the World Series at Kauffman Stadium in our hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

In preparing for Lexi’s arrival, my husband and I collaborated on her playlist. We purposefully selected each song for its message and meaning to us and arranged the playlist to flow well. (Something I never paid attention to until my husband DJ’d private parties in college, but I can’t help but notice now.) Several of the songs on Lexi’s playlist still make me cry. Perhaps because I’m pregnant, but several of the songs are quite touching. In contrast, Dave did select a Green Day song, “She,” as a push anthem; we’ll see in March how well that works, but it did make the cut. In full disclosure, I vetoed one song he tried to put on Lexi’s playlist, “Rosa Parks” by Outkast—too much smut for my style. Overall, we’re both pleased with how Lexi’s playlist has turned out thus far.

So without further ado, here are our kiddos’ playlists:

Welcome Home, Levi

  1. “Home,” Phillip Phillips
  2. “I’ve Always Loved You,” Third Day
  3. “Make You Feel My Love,” Adele
  4. “Done Living,” Justin McRoberts
  5. “One Thing Remains,” Passion
  6. “Something Beautiful,” Needtobreathe
  7. “Lead Me,” Sanctus Real
  8. “I Will Wait,” Mumford & Sons
  9. “Right Here,” Ashes Remain
  10. “Nightingale,” Norah Jones
  11. “Simple Man,” Shinedown
  12. “I Get To Be The One,” JJ Heller

Hello, Lexi Grace

  1. “The Cost,” Rend Collective
  2. “More Beautiful You,” Jonny Diaz
  3. “Take Me Into the Beautiful,” Cloverton
  4. “Only Hope I’ve Got,” Ellie Holcomb
  5. “One More Step,” Lindsay McCaul
  6. “All I Can Say,” David Crowder Band
  7. “Worn,” Tenth Avenue North
  8. “The Prettiest Thing,” Norah Jones
  9. “Mystery of Mercy,” Caedmon’s Call
  10. “Lead Me,” Sanctus Real
  11. “Piece of My Heart,” Janis Joplin
  12. “She,” Green Day

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