Stitch Fix #4

Most of you have probably heard about Stitch Fix by now, but if you haven’t here’s a nice 30-second video that summarizes how this affordable personal styling service works. I love how Stitch Fix elevates my style without all the hassle of driving around town to shop or spending significant time online searching for the perfect ensemble. Plus the stylist gives you examples of how you can wear each piece with items you may already have in your closet.

After receiving a couple of gift certificates my sisters gave me for my birthday, I immediately signed up for my fourth fix (my first post-baby #2). Since it had been about a year since I received my last fix, I updated my online style profile and for the first time created a Pinterest board of inspiration for my stylist to get a better idea of my style. I also requested nursing-friendly tops (cross-front or loose enough to lift up for nursing), attire that would be appropriate for the steamy Houston heat, and items that are not dry clean only since I stay at home with my kids. And since I loved wearing leggings outfits when I was pregnant, I requested a leggings/tunic outfit with this fix. The stylist did an excellent job of delivering on all of my requests.

By the way, Stitch Fix started carrying maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Lexi, but it was toward the end of my pregnancy, otherwise I would have totally tried it out!

My fix arrived last week. Yay! Happy day! So here’s what I received, shown above, clockwise from top left (please pardon the poor photo quality):

  1. 41Hawthorn Montgomery Cross-Front Knit Top: I absolutely love this top. Not only does it have a cute pattern, its cross-front design makes it perfect for nursing. I wore this last week with white shorts that were already in my closet and could wear it with my navy shorts or light pink skinnies from a previous fix. I paired this with my strappy white sandals. Great summer ensemble!
  2. Kut From The Kloth Kwan V-Neck Tunic: When I showed my husband this top with the ankle-zip leggings listed below, he told me he didn’t think it was my style, but it could be. I guess I’m expanding my style horizons with this one then, as I found this top to be quite flattering. It will also work for nursing, as it’s a bit thin to wear without a nursing tank under it anyway. One negative on this one is that even though the fabric is a little thin, it felt a little stiff and didn’t have a lot of air flow. I’ll just have to save this one for days I’m in the air conditioning and/or wait until the weather cools down. I considered sending back this top, but I decided to keep it for its flattering fit, the buy-all 25% off discount and because my inspiration top from Antropologie was sold out.
  3. Rune Kiley Ankle-Zip Legging: I wore this with the tunic above. I love, love, love the ankle-zip detail. Plus it makes getting the leggings on much easier. The fabric of these leggings was much better quality and not see-through like the ones I had from Victoria’s Secret from years ago. It’s important to have full-coverage pants. Remember the PR fiasco with Lululemon’s see-through yoga pants?
  4. Renee C Wynne Maxi Dress: What sold me on this maxi dress was the flattering cut that hid my mid-section—which doesn’t look anything like what it did pre-babies, not that I ever had flat abs though—and the lightweight fabric. I wore this to church on Sunday, and not only was I incredibly comfortable and easy to nurse Lexi in (well, at least my attire wasn’t getting in the way, her flailing limbs were), but I also received many compliments on the dress and how I looked in it. That certainly made me feel good. Thanks, friends!
  5. Gilli Kiara Printed Wide-Leg Pant: Right out of the box I looked at these pants and thought, who would wear these?! I tried them on and started to change my mind. While I would have never ever picked them out in a store, they fit well and were even more comfortable than leggings! My husband asked if they were PJ pants, but I think they are dressy enough that women wouldn’t mistake them for PJ pants. Sorry, hon’. While the stylist suggested I wear this with the cross-front knit sleeveless top I received, that was a little too much pattern for me. I ended up pairing these pants with a white tank top with lace detail in the back, as I thought it would complement the paisley design well, and my strappy white sandals.

I decided to keep all five items selected for me, in part because with the buy-all 25% off discount it was cheaper to keep all five items than to return one or even two (if you count my gift cards). I’ve now worn three of the items and am quite pleased with my purchase. Thanks, Kayla and Molly, for the awesome birthday gift and to my Stitch Fix stylist for another great fix!

If you’re interested in signing up for your first fix, you can do so with my referral link. Full disclosure: I do receive a $25 credit with Stitch Fix if you order a fix using my referral link. However, with no cost to you, you’d be helping out a friend on a budget in justifying ordering another fix. 🙂

For my friends who have tried Stitch Fix before, what do you think about the service? Have you ever purchased all five items, or am I just a sucker for thinking I’m getting a good deal?