Alexia Grace’s Nursery

Now that the nursery is finished and I’m becoming increasingly uncomfortable at 36-weeks pregnant, I’m excited and more than ready to meet our sweet, little Alexia Grace. Celebrating the birth of four friends’ babies in the past few weeks may also be contributing to my eager anticipation. Before we could even start on the nursery we had to downsize our office and… Read more →

A Realistic View of Postpartum: I Peed My Pants

I ran across this hilarious description of the postpartum period, “Postpartum: The Musical,” on the Scary Mommy blog. So true! So while we’re talking about the postpartum period and I’m preparing to start my second round in less than five weeks, I finally am going to share with y’all something I’ve been too embarrassed to blog about but feel is important… Read more →

Levi’s Toddler Room

With my due date rapidly approaching, we’ve been busy preparing our home for little Alexia Grace. This week we moved the crib into Lexi’s room, so I was able to set up Levi’s room as a toddler room. We all greatly enjoyed Levi’s “helping” move the crib and reassemble it in his baby sister’s room. We’re hoping that involving him in… Read more →

Birthing Playlists

For the birth of our son and now the upcoming arrival of our daughter in March, my husband lovingly assembled playlists for me to listen to in the hospital. During labor I found comfort in listening to Levi’s playlist on repeat on my iPhone. Quite poetically, Levi literally entered the world to the last song on his playlist, “I Get… Read more →

A Modern-Traditional Bedroom Office

To make room for our baby girl arriving in March, we’re rearranging half our house to clear out what has been our office. We significantly downsized our office and are finding new locations around the house for our books and the plethora of household items that filled the office closet. That, of course, means we’re also rearranging and reorganizing several other rooms… Read more →

Enchilada Pie

This recipe started as my husband’s less labor-intensive way of making enchiladas in college/law school. Over the years, this recipe evolved into a more wholesome family favorite. We’ve experimented with many different ingredients and combinations before settling on this one, which has become my favorite even over Mexican restaurants in Houston, which is saying a lot coming from this Mexican food… Read more →

Shortcuts for Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Meal

This year my husband, Dave, and I hosted my parents, sisters and Grandma for Thanksgiving. We’ve hosted several holiday meals since we moved to Texas five years ago, but this is the first Thanksgiving we’ve hosted since we’ve become parents. We weren’t sure how complicated hosting Thanksgiving might become by adding a toddler to the mix, so we intentionally took several shortcuts to… Read more →

Lessons in Blessings

Follow my blog with Bloglovin “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5 On Monday afternoon, we found out that our second little bundle of joy is a girl! With a son at home, we are thrilled that… Read more →

Spiced Mini Burgers and Quinoa Salad

While I’m not a gourmet cook by any stretch of the imagination, I’m enjoying planning and preparing family dinners much more now that I have time to cook. I thought about sharing links to several of our favorite family meals, when I realized that we’ve made adaptations to many of them. Periodically, I plan to share with you how we’ve enhanced… Read more →

Mommy Is Not A Sippy Cup

Since Levi is now officially weaned, I thought I’d share a little about my adventures in breastfeeding. Prior to Levi’s arrival, I was more worried about breastfeeding than his birth. Breastfeeding an infant up to eight times a day for a year seemed daunting. So being a good former journalist, I researched the heck out of how to breastfeed and asked my… Read more →